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At Stafford House School of English we have over 60 years’ experience of providing international students with great English language courses in the UK.

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  • “London seemed like the most obvious place to study English and it’s been brilliant. I’ve been able to experience life and study in a fantastic city. The staff have been so incredibly welcoming and making new friends has been easy.”

    Leonard Iklé

    Certificate of English: Standard

  • “I love to travel and wanted to improve my English because it’s the world’s language. My time at Stafford House really helped me a lot to talk to people from other countries and understand different accents. The classes at School of English are fun! We play lots of games and I felt immediately welcome.”

    Noelle Gognait

    Certificate of English: Intensive

  • “The nationality mix at the School is great because there are so few Japanese students and lots of other nationalities. This has made learning English much easier and has enabled me to learn about lots of different cultures at the same time.”

    Takamasa Kanehara

    Certificate of English: Intensive

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