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Immerse yourself in English before you arrive with Stafford House Connected - flexible online and in-school English classes designed to fit your individual study needs



As travelling to the UK or Canada may not be possible for you at present, we have created our Connected English programme. This new programme gives you the ability to study with Stafford House in your own country before you travel to one of our schools to continue your studies – all for a great value price!


Stafford House Connected allows you to book a face-to-face class in any of our schools in the UK and Canada and begin your studies from your own country through our specially designed online programme. You can book any length of course at any Stafford House school and then add between 2 and 12 weeks of online classes for before you arrive.


Stafford House Connected is designed to be flexible to your needs and situation. Whatever date you choose to start the face-to-face element of your course can be changed* and you do not have to start your face-to-face classes straight after completing your online classes.

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Get Connected

Choose your school

Choose to study at any Stafford House School in the UK or Canada

Choose your face-to-face English course

Choose which English course you would like to study when you arrive at Stafford House

Choose your flexible start date

You can choose a flexible start date when you will arrive at your chosen Stafford House school. You can postpone your face-to-face class start date at any time*

Choose your online classes

We offer a range of online classes that you can start before you arrive at your Stafford House School. Scroll down to take a look at the online classes we have on offer!

Stafford House Connected English
Stafford House Connected English
Stafford House Connected English
Stafford House Connected English


*Students must book a course to study face to face lessons beginning before 31st December 2021. The online part of the programme must begin no later than 14th June 2021 and should take place before they travel to Stafford House for their physical course.


Course Number of online lessons per week Available class levels Location Online course only Online and face-to-face course Online class price
General English 20 Pre-Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Canada & UK - Yes $185 per week (CA)
£149 per week (UK)
IELTS preparation 20 Intermediate and above Canada & UK - Yes $185 per week (CA)
£149 per week (UK)
Academic Super Intensive English 30 Pre-Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
UK Yes Yes £300 per week
University Pathways** 20
+10 self-study
Intermediate and above Canada Yes Yes $185 per week
Professional Certificates 20 Upper Intermediate and above Canada Yes - $999 (4 week course)

**A minimum continuous programme length of 12 weeks is required for university acceptance with this course
A registration fee is payable for all bookings that include face-to-face lessons. Students will not need to pay a registration fee for online only Professional Certificates and University Pathways programmes.
A materials fee is payable for the length of the face-to-face part of the programme only.
Accommodation and accommodation booking fees are payable for all accommodation options as normal.

Course Facts

All UK and Canada schools
Minimum Level
Start Date
Most courses start every Monday
Please see our Professional Certificates page for start dates for this course
Minimum Age
16+ (all courses)
18+ (Professional Certificates)

Stafford House Connected


Why Learn English with Stafford House Connected?

Stafford House has been teaching English for over 60 years, in that time we have helped thousands of students improve their language skills and achieve academic success. We have taken all of our expertise in teaching in our English schools and have applied this to teaching English online to ensure you still get the Stafford House experience.

As well as education excellence, we offer you flexibility with your course; you can start attending online classes as soon as you want to and can postpone the start of your face-to-face classes to a date that suits you.


Choose one of the following courses to study online before you arrive for face-to-face lessons at your Stafford House school.

Everyday English language courses to suit different education needs and budgets.

Our core General English class is an integrated skills class, covering reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary. Our focus is on developing students’ English skills for real communication. Our General English programme is truly interactive and engaging – much more than just a series of grammar rules and exercises with the answers in the back of the book.

Find out more about General English


If you are unable to travel to a Stafford House school but still want to improve your English, we offer a range of 100% online English courses perfect for your study needs

This intensive English course gives you 30 online lessons per week and is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their English for academic purposes by a particular date.


Our school locations in Canada allow us to teach our online classes to suit multiple timezones for maximum flexiblity. With three time slots available there will always be a convenient time to study.

Time Slot Course Taught From Bogota Sao Paulo Paris Moscow Riyadh Bangkok Taipei Tokyo
11:00 General English
Toronto 10:00 12:00 17:00 18:00 18:00 22:00 23:00 00:00
15:30 General English
University Preparation
Calgary 16:30 18:30 23:30 00:30 00:30 04:30 05:30 06:30
17:30 Professional Certificates Toronto 16:30 18:30 23:30 00:30 00:30 04:30 05:30 06:30
Highlighted times = recommended time slots


Online Social Programme

When you study with Stafford House Connected you don’t just join a class. You join an online English school and gain access to our social programme, enabling you to make friends around the world and practice your new English skills outside of class. Each week we provide 3 free activities for you to join!


  • Boardgame Night

    Enjoy a friendly boardgame hosted by our activities staff whilst improving your English!

  • Online Tours

    Enjoy learning about some great locations alongside other English language students!

  • Conversation Club

    Even more opportunities to interact with your classmates and practice your English language conversation skills!

  • Yoga Class

    Keep healthy and active with our English language Yoga classes.

  • Karaoke

    Enjoy an online sing-along with your classmates!

  • Quiz Nights

    Get competetive and test your knowledge with other students!


Which face-to-face courses can I take with Stafford House Connected?

Students can book any of our available courses for their physical course in UK or Canada please see our English courses page for more information

Which classes can I take online with Stafford House Connected?

To ensure we provide focused and dedicated learning programme, Stafford House will offer a limited and specialised range of courses for online lessons. These are:

  • General English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Academic Super Intensive English
  • University Pathways
  • Professional Certificates

Can I take online only classes with Stafford House Connected?

We currently offer online only courses for our Academic Super Intensive English, Professional Certificates and University Pathways programmes.

When will online classes start?

To provide better timetable options for our students, online lessons will be available at different times depending on the location:

  • UK at 9.00 – General English, IELTS Preparation and Academic Super Intensive English
  • Toronto at 11.00 – General English and IELTS Preparation
  • Toronto at 17.30 – Professional Certificates
  • Calgary at 15.30 – General English and University Preparation

The above times are local to the school listed

Do I need to start my face-to-face lessons immediately after finishing my online lessons?

No, students can complete the online part of their course and then join Stafford House for face-to-face lessons when they are able to travel.

Students must begin their face-to-face lessons before 31st December 2021.

Can I defer or amend my booking before starting the course?

Yes, Stafford House will be as flexible as possible and allow students to amend their booking as required. Please remember that online lessons must start no later than 14th June 2021.

If I have completed my online classes but cannot travel to a Stafford House school, can I defer the start of my face-to-face lessons?

Yes, Stafford House will help you to defer your face-to-face lessons to a time when you are able to travel. Please note that you must begin your face-to-face lessons before 31st December 2021.

What happens if I want to cancel my course booking?

In order to help our students book with confidence, we will not charge course fees for any cancellation or booking amendment made before the start of the course.

If the course has already begun, all course fees for the full booking will be considered non-refundable in the event of any cancellation or amendment.

In some cases, accommodation notice periods may apply – please check your individual booking details for details.


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