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Learn English as flexibly as possible, with our London Flex English Course

Flex English lets you enrol on the General English standard course (20 lessons per week) with up to 17% off the course price*! As well as offering a great discount, Flex English includes flexible morning or afternoon classes**. This is the perfect English course for students who want to combine their English studies with other commitments, interests or tourism.

Course Features

  • Objectives - Our core class is an integrated skills class. It covers reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary and critical thinking. In this class you'll improve your accuracy (how correct your English is) and fluency (how well you can communicate). We use the Communicative Approach, so you'll learn English by using English—not by listening to grammar lectures and doing worksheets. We feel strongly that this is the most effective method to acquire English that students can use in the real world.
    Each week you will be encouraged to consider your own development and suggest areas that will help you develop most quickly. This is what we call a ‘negotiated syllabus’ and your teacher will expect you to comment on the weekly plan which is displayed on the classroom wall. Your teacher will take your suggestions and use them with the syllabus to create lessons for your class that work for you.
    The Syllabus for each level is mapped to the CEFR levels A1-C2. The levels define what you can do and Stafford House believes that language is for communication. Each of our Core Class Course Books is also mapped to the CEFR providing a consistent basis for developing your language skills.
  • How you learn - We believe that you will learn faster and more effectively if your lessons are engaging, fun and relevant, that’s why our teachers use a range of techniques and develop classes that are motivating and build your confidence. This will allow time to focus on any areas of weakness. Any weekly programme is influenced not only by the course book syllabus but also by the learning goals and interests of the students in any one group.
  • Testing on arrival - On your first day you will take a language assessment, to assess your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and how well you are able to understand and speak English. This helps us to understand the class you’ll be happiest and most successful in.
  • Monthly Tutorial - Every month you’ll have a one-to-one tutorial with a senior member of the academic team to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential. It’s a great opportunity to review your course choices and learning methods and to really make sure you achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Quality Assurance -  Our Directors of Studies are based in all of our schools to ensure our programmes are of the highest possible quality, our class sizes are small and that our students leave having gained the maximum from their time with us.

Quick Facts

Start Dates
Every Monday
Minimum Level
Max Class Size
Programme In-Class Clock Hours per Week  Number of Proficiency Levels Number of Weeks per Level Number of Programme Lessons

Flex English
(London Only)

15 7 12 20

Students will progress at their own pace. We recommend at least 80% attendance and completion of all homework and self-study recommendations

*Discount dependent on length of course
**Availability of morning and afternoon classes is determined by the school

Flex English Sample Timetable

The London Flex English programme is a great way to study our General English Course at a discounted price! The Flex English programme consists of the Core English Course in the morning or afternoon.


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Additional Options

One-to-one English

Our One-to-One English options can be completely tailor made according to your needs and objectives. This option is particularly useful for students who have a very particular need or for students who wish to learn very intensively.

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Adult Groups

Stafford House is a specialist in providing bespoke group services. We offer a complete package that can be adapted to your needs. Ideal for groups of students who wish to improve their language skills in a particular field of interest.

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  • Abdullah


    Saudi Arabia

    “Stafford House is not too big, in fact it’s just the right size for me. I get lots of attention from the tutors and I get to interact with the classes. If I was in a larger school I do not think my English would be improving so quickly! These are the best teachers I have ever met in my life. I have been taught by so many in the past and it’s the teachers at School of English that have affected me the most.

    I love the social side of the School of English, the activities we do really involve me in the culture. When I tell friends of mine who are studying at other English schools about the activities I do here, they become jealous!

    I take part in activities every night; parties, football, music. I especially liked the recent ‘Arabic night’ we had - we cooked Arabic food, listened to Arabic music and dressed in traditional Arabic garments - I meet a lot of different people.”

  • Alexandra



    “I love my morning lessons – my teachers are really good and my English is improving really quickly. The classes really make you think – you get to discuss ideas and this helps you learn better.

    I chose Stafford House School of English because it was recommended by my cousin. I like that there are so many people from so many countries here.

    I love Canterbury, it’s beautiful. I love the shopping, the history, the Cathedral, the coffee shops – I love being here and getting to hang out with my friends.”

  • Arda



    I want to share my happy moment with you. I got 6,5 IELTS score.
    Thank you for your assistance, advices and perfect IELTS teaching skills. It really helped me to improve a lot and I'm grateful for this. I think my London adventure is going to continue in September. I spent great time in London and gained very good friends. There's no doubt that I'll visit Stafford House to see my good teachers and friends who are still there. I'm looking forward to seeing you in September.

  • Asako



  • Asim


    Saudi Arabia

    Before Stafford House:
    I have never thought that I am going to be able to speak English in my life. When I see my father speaks English, I used to ask myself, how is it possible to speak another language like this? Until I decided to do my masters in the UK, I thought there might be a good opportunity to learn English language.

    At first, I had an acceptance from an English school in the north of Wales. I was very advocated to see what this country is like and how I am going to experience this completely new life. But when I arrived I was surprised that there are so many students who speak my own language, I even didn’t have a resident arrangement from the school.

    I was really disappointed. After spending 4 months without any improvement in my English, my friends advised me to change this school to another one called Stafford House School of English. To be honest I was afraid that I would end up with the same problems.

    First Day in Canterbury:
    After deep thinking I managed to go to Canterbury. My first impression was quite good. Very nice small city, friendly people and it seemed that every thing is close to the school. I visited the school to get an acceptance. They were very welcoming. It was enough for me that the stuff was trying to understand what I was saying, because my English at that time was very poor.

    Then I got my acceptance with all dilates needed for the embassy including my host family information. I really liked the way they organise their business. After one long day, I went back home to renew my visa and come over again to start my course on 20/07/2009.

    Studying experience:
    My first day was completely different than the one I had in Wales. I saw so many people from all over the world, even people who are from my country they don’t speak my language in the class. There were so many activates during the week, such as, watching movies, playing pools, dancing, social activates and even sports. Even though I don’t like to do sports I started playing some.

    Stafford house has an excellent range of very qualified stuff and teachers. They helped me a lot to see my future direction and set up my plans wisely. Most importantly is that students can share their experiences with each other especially during the international activities. I can say now that I had the chance to enjoy learning not only English language but also every single thing about English culture and the world.

    I spent 10 fruitful months in Stafford House starting with pre-Intermediate level until I reached Advanced level. Throughout that period I did IELTS and FCE courses.

    Finally, This is only a little of the experience I had in this lovely school. I promise to advise every singe student who want to study English to join Stafford House School of English.

    Special thanks to
    Teachers: Marina, Annie and Jane.
    Director of studies: Nicky

  • Bader


    Saudi Arabia

  • Bernardo



    I met a lot of great people at Stafford House, and made good friends who I will stay in touch with when I leave. All of our teachers and staff are kind and helpful and I felt really prepared going into my IELTS exam.



  • Betul



  • Bruna



  • Cleide



    "Canterbury is a very nice city because it’s old and rich in history. It’s a chance to meet people from other cultures. It’s nice to open your mind. I’ve enjoyed going to museums and gardens. And pubs! I’ve made friends. It’s very nice. You can meet people from all over the world. The students are very friendly and nice. I think I’ll stay in touch with some.

    I think the teachers are good and very friendly. There are good buildings and computers. It’s a good school and a responsible school."

  • Dani



  • Daniel



    I’m really happy here, all the teachers that I have are very good and now that I’ve passed more time in the school and from the marks on different tests I can see that I’m progressing. I have a lot of friends in the school and they are from different nationalities and we can learn about different cultures.
    And I really like people in London – they are very friendly!


  • Daphne



  • Eduardo



  • Einar



  • Ekaterina



    "I like Canterbury, I wish I could live here always – it’s so small, safe, peaceful and clean.”

  • Eva



  • Fahad


    Saudi Arabia

    "The School was recommended to me by my uncle because it has good teachers and a good study atmosphere. All the staff are helpful and you feel that you are in safe hands.

    My English has really improved here and I hope to do well in the FCE and IELTS exams. My plan is to go to university in England."

  • Federico



  • Giulia



    “I hope to study medicine at university. I know that having a good understanding of English will help me with this.

    I love my lessons at Stafford House School of English. My teacher, Marina, really helps me with my English speaking – she is very understanding and friendly.

    There is a lot of freedom here. Everyone is free to do what they like (within reason!). Canterbury is a wonderful town – everything you need is here; shopping, coffee shops and the beach close-by, plus there’s a great social life.”

  • Hani


    Saudi Arabia

    “Canterbury is a really friendly and safe city.

    My favourite thing about School of English is the teachers, because they make me feel so welcome - I really feel like I am in my own country!

    The other students are like my sisters and brothers - I feel like I am at home here. Canterbury is not too big or too strange - you can walk anywhere, explore and find great places to hang out.”

  • Hosam


    Saudi Arabia

    The teachers here are very very good! I started here as a beginner and I didn’t know what I was saying, it was difficult to talk and understand others, communicate with people from different countries with different accents, now really I find it so easy to communicate with both internationals and native speakers and understand what they say. I think I’m ready to start my university studies and that means I’ve achieved my goal. I’ve passed the exams to start my pre-sessional course so Stafford House helped me to get into university that I wanted.

    Staff here is very helpful they always smile and always friendly – provide us help with everything we need. Stafford House is something else, it’s difficult to explain, it’s like my second home – I will miss it very much.

  • Jan



    “Canterbury has a lot to offer; it has a great social life, it’s really welcoming to international students and it has a friendly atmosphere. I find the School to be an exceptionally pleasant place to study in – a really relaxed environment. The teachers are fun and approachable, and I enjoy mixing with so many other nationalities – learning about other cultures and making new friends."

  • Jinny



  • Jixing



    “We always have fun in the lessons, plus they are always interesting – my English is improving all the time. Canterbury is perfect for studying – it’s so peaceful. Plus the coast is really close by – I love being able to swim in the sea and relax at the beach.”

  • Juan



  • Juan



  • Kevin


    Hong Kong

    Kevin spent 5 months at Stafford House School of English in Canterbury and is now preparing to begin the Pre: Programme at CATS College Canterbury.

    Kevin's story
    Kevin finished F.5 in HK in last July, but the result was disappointing, with an English IELTS of only 2.5.

    His mother visited Stafford House in September together with Kevin, and they decided it would be a good place for him to improve his English before further study.

    Kevin made many friends from around the world - Korea, Saudi Arabia and more.

    After only 5 months at Stafford House, Kevin's mother was delighted to find that Kevin had improved significantly – he is now able to speak English well and his listening skills are also very strong.

    For his accommodation, Kevin chose the homestay option, staying with a local family. This was so successful he has asked to stay with the same family when he moves over to CATS College Canterbury.

    Kevin's aim is to study the A level Business pathway at CATS and is looking forward to going to University in a couple of years.

  • Lea



  • Lee


    North Korea

    "A friend recommended the School to me because of the teachers who are so friendly and the nationality mix which means I can speak English all the time.

    I like Canterbury because the people are welcoming and I can take the opportunity to talk with them."

  • Man


    Hong Kong

    “The teachers do not just teach us English, but they also understand how we are feeling – they are really supportive, they really care about you. Canterbury is good for shopping, and having London so close by is great."

  • Margarita



  • Mizuki



  • Mohammed


    Saudi Arabia

  • Nasser



  • Paddy



  • Pat



  • Pattanan



    "The school provides everything a student wants and the teachers are very helpful, cheerful and kind.

    I chose Canterbury because it's a quiet town where I can concentrate on my studies. The environment here is suitable for studying in every way. The most important thing is that the staff care about what students think and listen to them."

  • Samuel



  • Sasha



  • Selver



  • Sohayeb


    Saudi Arabia

  • Takamasa



    “The nationality mix at the School is great because there are so few Japanese students and lots of other nationalities. This has made learning English much easier and has enabled me to learn about lots of different cultures at the same time.”

  • Thiego



  • Vivian



  • Vivianne



  • Wenyan



  • Yasmin



  • Zhanar



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