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Young Travellers

Updated 3rd June 2019

Essence Summary

At Stafford House the welfare of our students is paramount. When students under 18 are travelling to one of our destinations we always advise them of the safety and security information.

All 16/17 year old students attending one of our SHI destinations will have to have had a parent or guardian sign our consent form before travelling.

Travel from UK Point of Entry

We strongly recommend the Stafford House transfer service. If alternative travel arrangements are made, these must be communicated to the Global Sales Support Team in advance of travel.

When arriving at any UK/US/CAN airport/train station young travellers will go through passport control/immigration, here they will be asked to present the consent to travel document


Direct supervision is not provided outside of lessons. A calendar of optional events is available in school. Some of these events may incur an extra charge which is clearly stated on the event via the student portal. All Stafford House activities are supervised at a ratio of one to 20 students approximately. Higher risk activities may require a consent form to be completed which Stafford House will obtain prior to the event.

Independent Travel Outside the Course City

We strongly recommend traveling on Stafford House organised day excursions. Any independent travel including an overnight stay will require a parental consent for each event including any holiday’s booked by the young traveller. The young traveller is responsible for advising Stafford House of any overnight stay they wish to organise, they are also responsible for obtaining the consent form their parent or guardian and producing this at least 1 week before the travelling date.


On arrival at school each day registration is required. In case of sickness the school should be informed immediately if the student cannot attend.

Students aged under 18 are expected to have 100% attendance through out their course duration.

Accommodation Meal Plans

Your meal plan is dependent on your chosen accommodation. Homestay accommodation includes breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday, lunch is to be purchased by the student at the local amenities. Saturdays and Sundays include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Residential accommodation includes a full board meal plan of breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, this option is only available in the summer period noted on the price list.

Private accommodation: We would not expect 16/17 year olds to live in their own accommodation.


Stafford House curfew time is 22:30 every night. The curfew time is not negotiable to help Stafford House provide the best possible care for all students under the age of 18.

Note: US/CAN: country and state laws and regulation will apply. Please speak to one of our Global Sales Support staff for more specific details regarding these laws and regulations.

For any further details please speak to our Global Sales Support Team.

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