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A big hello and welcome to Stafford House

Whatever your English language needs, Stafford House has the perfect school for you, whether it’s a traditional English experience, an epic American adventure or a great Canadian getaway!

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We have a wide range of programmes to suit all English levels. You can count on our experienced teachers to empower and guide you through your journey in English. They go the extra mile to immerse you in their language and culture

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  • Cagla



    Studying in San Diego has been an amazing and important experience in my life. Teachers are highly motivated and well educated. Nobody has to hesitate to ask, if something was unclear.

  • Carolina



    There was so much to enjoy about studying here - the teachers and people who work here who are really fun, there are a lot of activities – skiing was my favourite. Our teachers are very good at knowing exactly where we needed to grow, in what areas we might have doubts or specific questions and in getting us to speak in English without realising we were speaking. The location here in Boston is perfect because you can go anywhere as you’re right in the centre of the city.

  • Champ



    I am from Thailand. I have spent four months at Stafford house, and all staff is very helpful and generous to help me improve my English skills. I have gone to TOEFL Class and Business English Class. I learned a lot of skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It helps me to deal with the TOEFL exam but I also learn how I can use those skills that I have learned in everyday life. The business class is very interesting because it has a new interesting topic every week. I have an opportunity to make friends coming from other countries. A teacher is very helpful and always encourages me to speak English in and out classroom. There are a lot of interesting activities going on every week such as a restaurant tour, going to museums around Chicago, watching a movie, special activities, etc. Finally, all the staff and teachers are willing to encourage you to improve your English. I am looking forward to seeing you at Stafford House Chicago,

  • Daniel



    I’m really happy here, all the teachers that I have are very good and now that I’ve passed more time in the school and from the marks on different tests I can see that I’m progressing. I have a lot of friends in the school and they are from different nationalities and we can learn about different cultures.
    And I really like people in London – they are very friendly!


  • Ghusun


    Saudi Arabia

    The school is perfectly located and has a great timetable! The teachers here are very good! I’m confident in my progress and hope to get a higher IELTS score than what I actually need for University. I made a lot of multinational friends from all over the world in the school which I haven’t really expected before I came here.

  • Johanne



    It is a great location, because after class you can just cross the street and go do something in downtown. It’s a great environment for learning, you have the possibility to see native Bostonians living and working, Boston is a very comfortable city. I live in homestay with other students, we all go out to eat together - the students and the family – we travel to school on the subway together and often do our activities after school together.

  • Pierre



    I work in an international company in France, as a lawyer, and I need English in my day-to-day work. I came here because I needed to gain confidence in my English, my speaking and presentation skills. I had to immerse myself in an English speaking culture. The teachers here are very good and professional, their methods and techniques are great. In class we are between 5 to 10 students which is very good because the teacher has the time for everyone. You can really ask every question you have and they are always keen to help you. I’ve made a lot of friends and we’ll stay in touch for sure. It was a very worthwhile experience.

  • Rahel



    Recommended by a friend, I really like Stafford House! There are many activities and our activity leaders are very cool and I’m always socialising and traveling all around. All my friends are usually coming with me and we have this extra opportunity to speak and practise our English. I’m staying with a host family and I really like them! I talk with them a lot when I go home and have dinner with them. They are great and taught me how to play Lawn Bowling - it’s so much fun! My teachers are all very different but I like all of them.

  • Ryota



    I work for a pharmaceutical company in Japan and study in Chicago for several months to improve my English. The reason why I applied CPA program is because I wanted to practice English more with native speakers and to have a working experience in an American company or organization. As I work for the pharmaceutical industry, I looked for a company or organization related to healthcare. Although there were few options, I got a opportunity to work with Imerman Angels fortunately. My ordinary responsibilities were to support management of donation, the list of volunteer contact, and brochure requests from people who are interested in our activities. Coworkers are very kind and they accepted what I wanted to do. I asked them to let me join some social events (Brunch Run/Walk 5K, Sweet Treat Socials, Wings of Hope Gala, and Lunch & Learn). Especially in the events called "Socials" in our organization, I visited some hospitals and talked with some healthcare professionals and many cancer fighters and caregivers. I'm impressed by their mission and activities. These experiences must be helpful to work in the healthcare industry around the world.

  • Shoko



    I really enjoyed being exposed to challenging materials and participating in in-class activities that pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

  • Victoria



    Staff in the school is very helpful, I’ve just changed accommodation and now live in a student house with a lot of international students which is great because I’ve made a lot of friends. There are a lot of activities in the afternoon every day and we are having a great time here!

  • Vittoria



    Brighton is like a paradise for me. Very easy to move around the city and easy to reach London and other places when you want to because of the transport links. I found it very easy to make friends, I’m an outgoing person so I like talking but we go out all the afternoon and in the evening together, or have lunch in a group. You can meet people everywhere and talk with anyone, Brighton is a friendly city.

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