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Learn English in Toronto

Toronto provides the best combination of big-city convenience with the safety and comfort of a small town. It offers a wide range of artistic and cultural activities, with an abundance of theatres, concerts, museums and galleries. And of course the Toronto Zoo known for its interactive education and conservation activities. Learn English in Toronto today!

Top 5 things to see in Toronto

  • Toronto Zoo

    Toronto Zoo

  • Toronto Islands

    Toronto Islands

  • Canada's Wonderland

    Canada's Wonderland

  • Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls

  • Algonquin Park

    Algonquin Park

The School

Stafford House Toronto is situated in a friendly neighborhood and the school right in The North York Centre, so students have access to the North York Central Library and a direct indoor connection to the subway station. This uptown location offers a variety of cafés, restaurants and theatres, major shopping centres and recreation complexes. Our bright, modern school offers extensive educational facilities making it perfect for Learning English in Toronto.

45 minutes long
Student Computers
Students in class
Average 11 (max 15)

School Facilities

  • Student lounge
  • IT lounge
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Student kitchen
  • Self study area
  • 65" interactive screens


Where you live is key to your happiness and academic success. Whether you prefer the independence of a student residence or the familiarity of homestay, our accommodation options are chosen to offer you the flexibility of choice and quality you deserve.


One of our most popular accommodation options, homestay in Toronto allows you to integrate into family life and practise your English language outside the classroom, over dinner and throughout the weekend with your welcoming hosts. This is a unique way to live and study at your chosen destination.

At Stafford House we do all we can to ensure we match you with your perfect homestay. If you wish to truly experience Canadian culture by staying at one of our homestays, please allow us 4 weeks before you arrive at the school to arrange your accommodation to ensure we can find a homestay experience best suited to you.


Student Residence

The Stafford House student residence is comfortable, spacious and well located in the Toronto midtown, just 20 minutes from the school and the city centre. All units are fully furnished, have two bedrooms with two beds and a closet in each room, shared kitchen, en-suite bathroom, a full living room including smart TV with Netflix subscription.


The Stafford House premium student residence is comfortable, spacious and well located in the downtown area of Toronto. All units have 2 single rooms and 1 twin room, kitchenette, 2 bathrooms, a full living room including smart TV with Netflix subscription. The student residence is located at Bloor and Sherbourne and is an average of 10 minutes travel by subway to downtown or 30 minutes to the school.


CCNM Residence

This residence is located in North York and is just 15 minutes travel by subway from the School. It offers free gym facilities and has TV lounges with satellite television and balconies that overlook the residence’s courtyard.




All of our teachers hold teaching qualifications ranging from certificate to diploma level and are committed to continuous development and share our passion for learning with our students.

  • Akane Kameyama

    Student Services Manager

    I'm the Student Services Manager at Stafford House Toronto. My dream was to live in abroad and I made my first step in Canada over 10 years ago. The journey has lead me to where I am now and it's been such a pleasure that I can help students from all over the world. I'm the person who loves Canada, Basketball, people, dogs, traveling and anything fun so let's have fun! Toronto is definitely one of the best cities to live, to enjoy and to study! My team and I are here to support you during your stay in Toronto and help you enhance your experience so don't hesitate to make your first step!

  • Annie Phan

    Accommodation Manager

    Hello students! My name is Annie and I am accommodation manager at Stafford House Toronto. My daily duties include, but are not limited to, arranging residence & homestay placements, taking care of students' safety and welfare; as well as acting as a main contact if students require assistance for their accommodation. If you have any concerns about your homestay or residence, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to welcoming you to Stafford House Toronto. 

  • Jamie Matechuk

    Centre Director                                      

    Hey! Some students might call me Justin Bieber, but my real name is James. On top of that, my friends call me Jamie. Confusing, eh?

    I've had the pleasure to be working with language students for over ten years. In that time I've been a Teacher, an Academic Director, a Ukulele Player, and now a Centre Director.

    I truly believe that learning a language in Toronto is a magical and life-changing experience. I was born in Niagara Falls, but I've spent most of my adult life here in the 6ix, and I can tell you that is an amazing city. 

    Can't wait to see you here in T.O.!

  • Jieun Kwon

    Student Support Officer

    Hi everyone! I am Jinny from South Korea. I started my Toronto life as an ESL student just like you! I love traveling and meeting new people from different countries. I decided to live in Canada after I have travelled to more than 15 countries. Toronto is such a lovely city. There are full of things to enjoy. So, let's have fun!

  • Natasha Tokareva


    I have been in the teaching profession since 1995, and I still thoroughly enjoy what I do. I especially enjoy meeting people from all over the world and learning about new cultures. Above all seeing your students grow and reach their full potential is the most rewarding part of this job!

  • Rodrigo Cavalcante

    Student Services Officer

    Hello everyone, My name is Rodrigo and I'm the Admissions Coordinator here at Stafford House. I am from Brazil and really happy to be part of the Stafford House's team! My goal here is to help all the students to have the time of their lives here in Toronto and at Stafford House. I Hope all of you enjoy Toronto like I do! The city has lots to show to everyone, I'm sure you will find something in the city that will make you come back and spend some more time with us, here at Stafford House!

  • Susan Vilhena

    Academic Director                          

    I'm a born and raised Torontonian. After graduating from the University of Toronto where I studied languages (English, French, Portuguese, Italian), I spent 15 years in the corporate world. I then became a teacher and my experience includes teaching ESL, EAP, and Business. Eventually, I began assisting the Academic Director and moved into the role less than a year later. I love working amongst such an accomplished group of teachers. Our family here in Toronto is happy to be joining Stafford House!



Speak English as much as possible - including at break time, lunch time, in the evening and at weekends! There are social activities arranged every week, an opportunity to make friends and practise your speaking skills.

Social Feed

Nationality Mix

A healthy mix is key to students progression in English language and at Stafford House we are proud of a wide nationality mix across all our centres.

Top 10 Nationalities

  • Brazilian
  • Colombian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mexican
  • Saudi
  • Spanish
  • Swiss
  • Taiwanese
  • Turkish


To browse our student stories, click on their profile image below to read detailed student profiles.

  • Jingwen Li

    Jingwen Li


    I’m a Chinese girl who have been in Toronto for 6 months. When I arrived in Toronto, it was winter and the snow covered everywhere. I thought it wouldn’t be great but enjoyed the difference from my country and for the first month, I always went to the library and tried to practice English by communicating with local people. In this multi-cultural city, people are very helpful to others especially the teachers and staff at this school. By participating in many different activities the school offers, I was able to make many friends from different countries. I’m currently in Academic Program and will go to College next year through the pathway program.

  • Kirill Medintcev

    Kirill Medintcev


    Toronto is a unique city where people from all over the world live and work. My language school is a part of Toronto, there are students from all over the world. The school is conveniently located near the subway station. All the formalities and any issues are solved quickly with excellent student service staff: Akane, Veronika and Sam.

    I really like the size of classes and the large windows with them. This school also has computer room and a comfortable room where you can have lunch. My lovely teacher doesn’t leave any questions unanswered and make sure everyone in my class understand. I’m sure that the study in this school will bring the expected result! Education is always in a positive way and many events and activities are hosted by the school almost every day.

  • Song Bae Lee

    Song Bae Lee

    South Korea

    I’m from Korea and am studying English here. At this school, I can meet various people from other countries! And every staff are really helpful. As I’ve been taking the Academic program, my English skills including reading, listening, vocabulary, as well as writing have been improved a lot.

    Toronto has over a hundred races and is known as a multi-cultural city. There are many places to visit, many attractions and events to participate in this city. It’s a great place to study English and get to know different cultures at same time. It’s your turn to experience it!!

  • Thai Carvalho

    Thai Carvalho


    Toronto is a large multi-cultural city located in the East of Canada, which is a beautiful and developed country attracting tourists and students from all over the world. This school is a very welcoming school located in the area called North York. This area is very safe and clean. There is easy access to the transportation and to Downtown Toronto as well.

    That’s why I chose Toronto and think that it was my best choice for my exchange experience. The opportunity to meet people from many different countries and learn about their cultures in one city that also offers both nature and city side, is very satisfying! 

  • Zaid Alsubaie

    Zaid Alsubaie

    Saudi Arabia

    My study abroad experience is completed in Toronto. I can live in one of the biggest, greatest, and safest Metropolitan cities. Every day, I have a new experience and face many opportunities.

    About English study, I took ESL and am currently in Academic Program and my teacher is amazing. She provides us with different materials, not only from the textbooks but some reading materials from the news, Internet and some other books like TED. I’ve learnt and been given more than I expected.


english Courses in toronto

We have a range of programmes to suit all english levels. You can count on our experienced teachers to empower and guide you through your journey in English, they go the extra mile to immerse you in their language and culture.

Sample Timetables

The Essential programme consists of the Core Course in the morning.

9.00 - 10.30 CORE COURSE
10.45-12.15 CORE COURSE

The Standard programme consists of the Core Course in the morning plus one module. There will be no classes on Friday afternoon

Students will be allocated one afternoon module class
9.00 - 10.30 CORE COURSE
10.45-12.15 CORE COURSE
13.00-14.00                                                        MODULE 1 FREE AFTERNOON

The Intensive programme consists of the Core Course in the morning plus two modules. There will be no classes on Friday afternoon

Students will be allocated two afternoon module classes
9.00 - 10.30 CORE COURSE
10.45-12.15 CORE COURSE
13.00-14.00                                                        MODULE 1 FREE AFTERNOON
14.15-15.15                                                        MODULE 2

The Super Intensive programme consists of the Core Course in the morning plus three modules. There will be no classes on Friday afternoon

Students will be allocated three afternoon module classes
9.00 - 10.30 CORE COURSE
10.45-12.15 CORE COURSE
13.00-14.00                                                        MODULE 1 FREE AFTERNOON
14.15-15.15                                                        MODULE 2
15.30-16.30                                                        MODULE 3

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