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Cambridge Exams

Cambridge English exams are recognised by schools, universities and employers worldwide, they do not expire and there are three to choose from: First Certificate in English (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE).

Cambridge Exam Preparation

Stafford House Cambridge English exam preparation courses cover the areas of your exam in detail to ensure you achieve success. Classes are designed to teach you the skills and English language required, through the study of exam past papers and exam techniques. All Stafford House UK schools are approved testing centres for Cambridge Exams. This means you can book and take your exams in the same place you have your lessons, which should reduce exam anxiety and help you perform better on the day.


FCE proves you have reached B2 (Upper Intermediate) level of English and can use every day written and spoken English for work or study purposes. The programme will develop every aspect of your English through engaging lessons and activities, from studying idioms and modal verbs to debating ideas and writing essays at a high language level.


CAE demonstrates that you are at C1 (Advanced) level of English needed for academic and professional success. As you prepare for the exam, you’ll study complex grammar and advanced-level vocabulary and learn how to write proposals, conduct research and communicate effectively in an international workplace.


CPE (UK only) demonstrates that you have the advanced skills necessary to function effectively in almost every English speaking context. As you prepare for the exam, you’ll need to be ready to think intensively about the English language in a variety of professional and academic contexts, transposing your thoughts into different registers of language, looking for the most suitable phrasing for each situation.


  • Goal-oriented and highly focussed preparation programme
  • Develop the skills needed to succeed in the exam
  • Develop strategies to maximise your score in the exam

How you will learn

  • Skim reading for meaning, scanning for detail, paraphrasing, making inferences, and more
  • Methods and strategies for successful integrated and independent writing
  • The skills needed to speak confidently and succeed in a one-to-one interview
  • Listening strategies such as listening for gist and for detail
  • With sample papers and continuous practice of specific tasks, you will become familiar with the exam you are taking and learn how to answer the questions as effectively as possible

Quick Facts

Upper Intermediate to Proficiency
UK: All schools (FCE, CAE, CPE)
Canada: Toronto (CAE)



Programme In-Class Clock Hours per Week  Number of Weeks to Complete Each Course
Standard 19 12
Intensive 23 12
Super Intensive* 26 12
*Toronto and London only
Students will progress at their own pace. We recommend at least 80% attendance and completion of all homework and self-study recommendations

2020 Cambridge Course and Exam Dates

FCE Canterbury & London 06 Jan 13 Mar 10 weeks 13 Mar
FCE Cambridge & London 06 Apr 19 Jun 11 weeks 20 Jun
FCE Canterbury & London 29 Jun 31 Jul 5 weeks 30 Jul
FCE London 27 Jul 28 Aug 5 weeks 27 Aug
FCE Brighton & London 21 Sep 04 Dec 11 weeks 01 Dec
CAE Canterbury & London 06 Jan 13 Mar 10 weeks 14 Mar
CAE Cambridge & London 06 Apr 19 Jun 11 weeks 20 Jun
CAE Canterbury & London 29 Jun 31 Jul 5 weeks 31 July
CAE London 27 Jul 28 Aug 5 weeks 28 Aug
CAE Brighton & London 21 Sep 04 Dec 11 weeks 02 Dec
CPE London 06 Jan 06 Mar 9 weeks 07 Mar
CPE London 06 Apr 12 Jun 10 weeks 12 Jun
CPE London 21 Sep 04 Dec 11 weeks 03 Dec
CAE Toronto 23 Dec (2019) 13 Mar (2020) 12 weeks 14 Mar
23 Mar 12 Jun 12 weeks 10 Jun
15 Jun 28 Aug 11 weeks 28 Aug
14 Sept 04 Dec 12 weeks 02 Dec

Cambridge courses, exams and exam location are subject to change based on enrolment levels. If Stafford House cancels a course or an exam after a student’s enrolment, all monies paid will be refunded to the fee-payer for the course or exam fees as appropriate.

Additional Options

One-to-one English

Our One-to-One English options can be completely tailor made according to your needs and objectives. This option is particularly useful for students who have a very particular need or for students who wish to learn very intensively.

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Adult Groups

Stafford House is a specialist in providing bespoke group services. We offer a complete package that can be adapted to your needs. Ideal for groups of students who wish to improve their language skills in a particular field of interest.

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