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Our IELTS Preparation courses are designed to get you the IELTS level you need, by the date that you need it. IELTS preparation at Stafford House is ideal for students who require a specific IELTS level for university entrance and are available at all Stafford House schools.


Stafford House IELTS Preparation Courses

The Stafford House IELTS Preparation course is for students who want to take the IELTS Academic Exam. These courses are designed for students at intermediate level and above and aim to develop your English skills and improve your exam technique in preparation for the IELTS Exam.

You will follow an objective based course structure where your teacher will work with you to determine what IELTS level you need to achieve and identify which skills, techniques and exam areas you need to develop to reach your goal.

Every week, as part of your classes, you will study IELTS past papers, focussing on areas of the exam that you need to improve. Throughout your study at Stafford House your teacher and the academic team will monitor your progress and offer you feedback.

Once a month you will get a report and a one-to-one session with an academic manager to discuss your skills, progression and exam readiness to ensure you are on track.


IELTS Preparation Course Facts

Available in
All Stafford House Schools
Start Date
Every Monday
Minimum Level
Max Class Size
Exam Fee
£170 - £195

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  • Determine and achieve your desired IELTS level
  • Goal-oriented and highly focussed preparation programme
  • Develop the skills needed to succeed in the exam
  • Develop strategies to maximise your score in the exam

IELTS Preparation


Why Study IELTS Preparation?

The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) gives you an English Level that is recognised by over 10,000 education and training providers worldwide. Achieving an IELTS level shows your level of English language proficiency and helps you access education or professional opportunities in English speaking countries.

Stafford House IELTS Preparation courses are a great choice for any student who is serious about attending university in an English speaking country, or for anyone wanting to work using the English language. An IELTS level is a great addition to your CV and unlocks a huge amount of educational and professional opportunities.


Why IELTS Preparation at Stafford House?

Available in



We understand that all students progress at their own pace and will work with you to help you prepare for your IELTS exam at your own pace.

Moving up an IELTS level takes approximately 12 weeks, but every student is different, and how quickly you progress depends on many factors. A beginner will often make much faster progress than an advanced student, and of course, motivation, commitment to self-study and the use of English outside the classroom all have an impact.


Programme In-Class Clock Hours per Week  Number of Lessons per Week Number of Weeks to Complete Each Course
Intensive 19 25 12
Super Intensive 23 30 12
Super Intensive Plus (London) 27 35 12
Students will progress at their own pace. We recommend at least 80% attendance and completion of all homework and self-study recommendations


IELTS Preparation Class

Exam Preparation at Stafford House

All our English schools teach IELTS Preparation in a way that is designed to get you the IELTS level you need. Visit our dedicated school pages to find out more.

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Study IELTS Preparation Now!

Meet our students

To browse our student stories, click on their profile image below to read a detailed student profile on their experience of studying IELTS Preparation at Stafford House.

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  • Betul



  • Bruna



  • Chalisa



  • Einar



  • Hosam


    Saudi Arabia

    The teachers here are very very good! I started here as a beginner and I didn’t know what I was saying, it was difficult to talk and understand others, communicate with people from different countries with different accents, now really I find it so easy to communicate with both internationals and native speakers and understand what they say. I think I’m ready to start my university studies and that means I’ve achieved my goal. I’ve passed the exams to start my pre-sessional course so Stafford House helped me to get into university that I wanted.

    Staff here is very helpful they always smile and always friendly – provide us help with everything we need. Stafford House is something else, it’s difficult to explain, it’s like my second home – I will miss it very much.

  • Mohammed


    Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammed


    Saudi Arabia

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