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Settling in

Staying in a homestay is an excellent way of maximising your English language learning opportunities at the same time as experiencing an English lifestyle. You should always try and have regular conversations with your host. There will of course be differences to life back home.

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What to expect

We expect our homestays to provide good accommodation, good food, to be friendly, helpful and to make you feel comfortable in their home. You will be treated as a member of the family and should treat the host with consideration. This means you should follow the host's rules, such as being on time for meals, not smoking in the house etc. Homestays can vary a great deal – from a single person to an older couple or a family with young children. Each homestay is different and will have their own routine. If you are not clear about something, you should ask the host or come and speak to a member of the student services team.




Homestay accommodation can include breakfast during the week, dinner in the evening, with all meals at weekends – this will depend on what you have booked with Stafford House. We will confirm your board type on the accommodation confirmation letter.  It is important to try different food, but if there are certain things students really like or dislike, please let the host know. They won’t be upset or offended! Most people in Britain don’t have a cooked breakfast every day; a typical breakfast will include cereal, toast, and tea or coffee, so you will be offered the same. If they are going to be late or miss a meal they must tell the host.

If you like to eat lots of fruit or other snacks in addition to the meals provided, you should buy this yourself and ask the host if you can store it in a cupboard or fridge.


You will be able to use the bath or shower at least once a day, but will need to fit in with the family routine as most houses in the UK only have one bathroom. Some hosts ask that students use the bathroom at certain times and not at others (for example not late at night). You will be given a towel, but you will need to buy your own soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc.


The homestay will do laundry at least once a week. They will explain to you where you should leave your clothes or how to operate the machine.

Towels and bed linen are provided by the host and will be changed every week. 

Money and valuables

We recommend  that you do not keep large amounts of cash in a bedroom room. The school will be happy to look after your valuables please speak to a member of the student services team and they will help you.

Visits by friends

Many homestays will be happy for you to bring friends to the house, but you must ask their permission first. It is polite to introduce friends to the host and ask if they may go to your room. It is not possible to have friends to stay overnight in homestay.

Coming home

It is important to come home on time. Students aged under 18 should be home before 22:30. If you are going to be late you should contact the host, you, or the emergency phone. Students aged over 18 may come home later than 22:30 but you should still communicate this to your host as they will want to know you are safely home.


If there are any questions or concerns, please talk to the school staff. Remember that we are here to help you to enjoy your stay and get the most out of your English adventure! 


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