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Professional Certificates

English skills-focused Business Certificates in Marketing, Project Management, and Business Management. Available at all our USA centres, Toronto in Canada, London in the UK, and introducing Brighton as a Professional Certificates centre in January 2020!


Explore business concepts and apply your English skills to team projects and case studies in three main business subjects.

Learn from experienced teachers, local business leaders and new entrepreneurs as they share their experience and insight of the business world. The Professional Certificates are for students with an upper-intermediate level of English who want to to learn business skills in a Canadian, British or American setting, build professional networks and gain a Certificate to enhance their professional resume.






  • Develop your English communication skills in authentic business situations
  • Visit local businesses and hear from expert guest speakers 
  • Learn from experienced business teachers
  • Practice team-work and presentation skills necessary to succeed in any business
  • Network and make international contacts
  • Add projects to your resume and personal on-line profiles to boost your career.

*Stafford House is accredited by the British Council, ACCET and Languages Canada, and part of the Cambridge Education Group


  • A Professional Certificate from Stafford House
  • Final business presentation and project
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural team
  • Networking skills and new international contacts

*Stafford House is accredited by the British Council, ACCET and Languages Canada, and part of the Cambridge Education Group

Who is it for?

  • Working professionals or university and college students with an upper intermediate level of English who want an introduction to three key business subjects.
  • Working professionals or students who want to further develop their professional skills portfolio and practice speaking English while doing a short-term business course.
  • Job seekers who want to advance in their career by adding a Business Certificate onto their resume.

*Stafford House is accredited by the British Council, ACCET and Languages Canada, and part of the Cambridge Education Group

Professional Certificate Course Information

Tip: Add a Career Preparation Activity while studying at one of our US schools for a Professional Pathway that includes experience in an American Company

Start dates:

San Diego & Boston: 
2019: 02 Dec 2020: 02 Mar, 25 May, 17 Aug, 09 Nov
San Francisco, Chicago & Toronto:
2019: 7 Oct 2020: 06 Jan, 30 Mar, 22 Jun, 14 Sep, 07 Dec
2020: 06 Jan, 30 Mar, 06 Jul, 28 Sep
2020: 02 Mar, 25 May, 31 Aug, 23 Nov


Learn the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in today’s interactive world. Students will receive tools for evaluating, developing, and delivering a marketing plan, using a heavy emphasis on problem-solving approach. Special emphasis will be placed on the impact of global/digital marketing, social media and e-business.

What you will learn

The essential parts of customer oriented marketing strategies, market selection, product development,lifecycle, planning and pricing as well as promotional decision making.

How you will learn

Students will learn up-to-date Marketing concepts by classroom work, a team project, and a company visit.

Case studies

Oreos; Procter & Gamble; Walgreens; Hubway: Boston’s Online Bike-Sharing System; Pepsi Cola; Samsung; Chobani Greek Yogurt; Costco; and more.


Start dates and course length:

San Diego & Boston:
2019:  7 Oct 2020: 06 Jan, 30 Mar, 22 Jun, 14 Sep, 07 Dec
San Francisco, Chicago & Toronto:
2019: 4 Nov 2020: 03 Feb, 27 Apr, 20 Jul, 12 oct, 
2019: 7 Oct 2020: 03 Feb, 27 Apr, 03 Aug, 26 Oct, 
2020: 06 Jan, 30 Mar, 6 Jul, 28 Sep


Learning a comprehensive overview of project and general management skills and all the necessary steps from initiating a plan to executing a project.

What you will learn

Managing schedules, budgets and risks.
How to build a business case.
How to analyze new projects.
How to track and communicate progress.
How to plan and execute a project.

How you will learn

Students will learn a comprehensive overview of Project Management by classroom work, case studies, and a team project.

Case studies

Baldwin Water Works; Colorado Parade, Denver Runaway, New Zealand Wind Farm, China Telecom, Marriott Bedding; and more.

Project Management

Start dates and course length:

San Diego & Boston:
2019: 4 Nov 2020: 03 Feb, 27 Apr, 20 Jul, 12 Oct
San Francisco, Chicago & Toronto:
2019: 2 Dec 2020: 02 Mar, 25 May, 17 Aug, 09 Nov
2019: 4 Nov 2020: 02 Mar, 25 May, 31 Aug, 23 Nov
2020: 03 Feb, 27 Apr, 03 Aug, 26 oct


Learning current management practices within an application environment. Students will draw upon prior learning and working experience and become familiar with success strategies for managing not just a business, but also people.

What you will learn

The role of management and leadership within an organization.
How to develop your own leadership.
How to develop professional relationships

How you will learn

Students will learn a comprehensive overview of Business Management by classroom work, case studies, and a team project.

Case studies

Trader Joe’s; HP; Dyson; Microsoft; State Farm Bank; Ethics in Action; Starbucks; GE; and more

Business Management

Course features

Lecture-style classes
Experienced teachers introduce business concepts in lectures featuring business case studies

Team projects
Learn communication, presentation and team-working skills essential for a successful career. Have experiences that reflect the real workplace as you collaborate with other international students on final team projects.

Company visits and Guest Speakers
Each certificate includes a company visit, networking event or a guest speaker to Stafford House. Local start-ups, successful entrepreneurs and established business leaders give inspiring talks and answer questions about a specific business topic such as how their business overcomes challenges and what it takes to succeed in the current business climate.

Course facts

USA: All Centres
Canada: Toronto Only
UK: London Only
Start Dates
Every Monday
Minimum Level
Upper Intermediate


Programme In-Class Clock Hours per Week  Number of Weeks for Each Certificate
Essential 15 4
Standard 19 4
Intensive 23 4
Super Intensive* 27 4

*Toronto and London only
Students will progress at their own pace. We recommend at least 80% attendance and completion of all homework and self-study recommendations
Standard and Intensive schedules in the US require an F-1 visa

Meet our students

  • Akin



  • Arthur



  • Beril



  • Fabiola



  • Jill



    I still keep in touch with my friends from San Diego every day and I really want to go back to America.

  • Kazune



  • Malai



    I didn’t have any knowledge about Project Management so I was really nervous before I studied in this class. But I realized that the teacher and classmates help me a lot. The class was really pleasant and it was not only useful for my career path and daily life but also it was a good chance to work with other international students. I practiced how to present in public places, how to do a project, how to communicate, etc. Moreover, the friendships that I have made with staff, teachers, and other students from Stafford House make them my lovely family in the United States.

  • Nikki


    Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

    As part of the Project Management Program not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the program has significantly increased my knowledge and in turn my confidence. Studying in a multicultural environment has enhanced my communication skills, enriched my life experience, reinforcing my personal growth. Every class, professor and classmate has contributed to my rich education. I am thankful for what Stafford house stands for and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others considering undertaking it.


Sample timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30am - 10:00am Core Course
10:20am - 12:00pm Project Plan
11:50pm - 12:20pm Lunch
12:20pm - 2:45pm *Modules Free afternoon

*Add other English modules such as Career Preparation Activity, Business English, Presentation Skills, Digital Media at work or Exam Preparation for a Standard or Intensive course

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