Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I learn English?

To learn English you must practice as much as you can! There are many ways to learn and everyone learns differently. You could try YouTube videos, books, joining a class, getting an English tutor, or travel to an English speaking country where you can attend an English language school.


Why should I learn English?

Being able to speak English gives you huge opportunities in education, employment and travel. English is the first language of 53 countries, including some of the wealthiest countries in the world and is the most spoken second language in the world. English is the language of international business. The ability to speak the language not only improves your employability and education prospects but also enables you to communicate with people across the globe.


What is the best way to learn English?

The best way to learn English is to use the language! By interacting and communicating with people in English, you will learn faster and become more confident. An effective way to achieve this is to attend an English language School in an English speaking country. Here you can take classes with qualified English teachers and be surrounded by the language outside of the classroom.


Why should I learn English abroad?

Learning English in an English speaking country allows you to immerse yourself in the language and learn how it is spoken in everyday life. Your learning will not end when you leave the classroom as you will be using the language in all your interactions and will ensure you learn as much vocabulary as possible! You will be learning alongside other international students and together you will help each other master the language – as well as creating long lasting friendships!


Where should I learn English?

If you are serious about learning English, the best place to learn is in an English speaking country where the language surrounds you and learning does not stop when you leave the classroom! This means you are constantly using English and soon you will begin to think in the language and be able to solve even more everyday language challenges!


How does Stafford House teach English?

Stafford House uses a mix of different pedagogies and methodologies to address all types of learning styles. Mainly, we use a Learning Objective focused curriculum that doesn’t simply prescribe different activities or pages to complete, but that allows teacher’s flexibility to create custom classes for their current group. Central techniques you will experience are the Communicative Approach, Thematic, Project Based Learning, and in our professional classes we use Content Based Learning.


Why should I Study English in the UK?

The UK allows you to experience English in many different ways, the country has a huge variation in accents and dialects and you will really feel you can get to the heart of the language. The UK has a rich history and culture, studying English here will allow you to experience the British way of life in a unique way. Many trends and cultural movements have originated in the UK’s towns and cities – it really has an eye on the future as well as the past!


What is a homestay?

Homestay accommodation is where you stay with a local household within their home. This allows you to experience English at all times and learn more about the culture by interacting with friendly hosts who can help you make the most of your English learning experience. All Stafford House homestays provide a welcoming environment and you will be carefully matched with our available homestays based on your requirements.


How do I apply to study at Stafford House?

You can apply to study at Stafford House using our application form.


How do I contact Stafford House?

You can contact the Stafford House team using our contact form.


What English Language Courses does Stafford House offer?

Stafford House offers courses in General English, Business English, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge Exam Preparation, Professional Certificates in Marketing, Business Management and Project Management along with personalised One-to-one tuition classes.


Where are Stafford House English Schools located?

Stafford House schools can be found in  Cambridge, Canterbury and London in the UK.


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