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Online English Classes


Join a virtual school with Stafford House Online English and reach your education goals from anywhere in the world!


Learn English In A Virtual School

We believe that your studies are enhanced by learning in a supportive environment, that’s why when you join Stafford House Online English, you join a virtual school and become a member of an active community!


Join an online English Community

To help you get the most from your time with Stafford House, our Online English programme includes access to our range of online activities and social events! Not only will you improve your English, you will get to connect with international students from around the world.


How it works

You will be enrolled in an online English class appropriate to your English level alongside a mix of students who you will learn with throughout your course. So you can focus on your learning we will be keeping our online English lessons small – with a maximum of 15 students per class!

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Cambridge English exams are recognised by schools, universities and employers worldwide, they do not expire and there are three to choose from: First Certificate in English (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE).

All our exam preparation courses cover the areas of your chosen exam in detail ensuring you learn the skills and English language through the use of past papers and exam technique to achieve exam success.

How you Learn

We believe that you will learn faster and more effectively if your lessons are engaging, fun and relevant, that’s why our teachers use a range of techniques and develop classes that are motivating and build your confidence. This will allow time to focus on any areas of weakness. Any weekly programme is influenced not only by the course book syllabus but also by the learning goals and interests of the students in any one group.

In each class you will be given the opportunity to speak English with the class and with the teacher. Stafford House Online English classes are small, with a maximum of 15 students in each class, so you can learn in a supportive, friendly environment.

Programme Features

Course Duration
1-4 weeks
Start Dates
Every Monday
Class Size
Maximum of 15 students per online class
16+ Years


Course Intensity Number of Classes per Week Online Class Clock Hours per Week
General English Online Essential 20 15
Standard 25 19
Intensive 30 23
IELTS Preparation Online Essential 20 15
Standard 25 19
Intensive 30 23
Cambridge Exam Preparation Online Essential 20 15
Standard 25 19
Intensive 30 23


Online Social Programme

Each week we will be running our online social programme which is full of activities and games which will help you practice your English skills and get to know your classmates! Here are a few examples:


  • Boardgame Night

    Enjoy a friendly boardgame hosted by our activities staff whilst improving your English!

  • Online Tours

    Enjoy learning about some great locations alongside other English language students!

  • Conversation Club

    Even more opportunities to interact with your classmates and practice your English language conversation skills!

  • Yoga Class

    Keep healthy and active with our English language Yoga classes.

  • Karaoke

    Enjoy an online sing-along with your classmates!

  • Quiz Nights

    Get competetive and test your knowledge with other students!

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