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Stafford House International is a group of English language schools that offer courses for general, academic and professional purposes. Our schools are located in 10 fantastic American, Canadian and British cities that each offer a unique way for students to improve their language and give them the confidence to achieve their goals. 

If you want to see exactly what our students think of our schools and English courses, take a look at the reviews below!

Here is what our students have to say about our services:


"Stafford House is great for learning the English language! At the school I had the opportunity to develop my language skills in order to take my test to go to university in UK. I started as a beginner because and I managed to be an advanced student in a period of 6 to 8 months. This was only possible because of the good method of teaching that Stafford House has, my dedication and the warm welcome that this school provides to all students."

Pedro, Angola


“Among everything that I love here, the professors and facilities are my favorite. It turns out our classes are so dynamic and we have a nice space for studies and socializing.”

Icaro – Brazil


“Stafford house Boston is the best language school! I’ve improved my English under the professional teachers. They not only gave me a lot of materials for learning English, but also gave me the opportunity to develop my language skills. I’m really happy to be here as a student. Furthermore, there are amazing staff who are the friendliest people in Boston! I highly recommend Stafford House Boston.”

Jaeheung – South Korea


"5 reasons to show why I think Stafford House Boston is a 5 star school:
- Dedicated staff - from the center director to the activity leaders, all of them ensure students are performing at their best!
- Well prepared teachers and dynamic classes -teachers are more than qualified to teach all different levels and the classes are designed to provide for all needs that students might have.
- School facilities are modern -considered one the best among all the language schools in Boston!
- University pathways -Stafford has the most advantageous programs to help students applying for universities!
- Located in Downtown Boston -easily accessible!

Jose – Brazil

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