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Welcome to the Team!

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to join our team for 2024. Whether this is your first summer with us or you’re returning to the team, we hope you’re excited for all that the summer has in store. New for 2024, we're introducing our staff hub! Here you’ll find a wealth of important information ahead of the summer, including answers to our frequently asked questions and helpful preparation tips for your new role.


Your Employee Journey


Your pre-employment checks are a vital part of preparing for the summer, as you won’t be able to start work until they are complete.
By now, you will have been contacted by your dedicated Talent Coordinator who will be assisting you through the pre-employment process. The more engaged you are with your Talent Coordinator, the smoother the process will be, so please reach out to them at any stage if you have any questions.

We’ve also put together a thorough how-to guide to help you (linked below) – it includes a useful pre-employment checklist as well as answers to a range of FAQs

Stafford House International Pre-employment Checks - All you need to know

Stafford House Study Holidays Pre-employment Checks - All you need to know

Useful Pre-Employment Links: 
1) Proving your right to Work: 
2) Overseas Police Checks: 
3) DBS Update Service: 
4) KCSI:   


As we get closer to the summer and your pre-employment checks near completion, our HR team will issue out your contract and other onboarding documents.  

Your online offer pack
When it’s time, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your online offer pack is ready to access. There will be a link in the email to our candidate portal (Jobtrain) where you’ll find your individual onboarding documents, including your contract.  This email will arrive from CATS Global Schools. Stafford House forms part of CATS Global Schools.

Completing your onboarding documents
Once received, you can take some time to review each document and then electronically complete/sign them once you are ready. You can log back in at any time to view the documents and you can also download copies for your records. 
It’s important you sign all of documents in the offer pack as onboarding will only be complete once all are returned. 

If you have any queries regarding your contract or the documents themselves once received, please contact your Talent Coordinator who can direct you to someone in the HR team. 

Help in accessing your onboarding documents (via Jobtrain)
You will have already created a login to our candidate portal (Jobtrain) when you completed your application form, earlier in the year. If you have forgotten your details, don’t worry, there is an option to reset your password if needed.

Need some help? Our handy ‘how to’ video below explains exactly how to login to the portal and access your onboarding documents.


For summer 2024, we will be making a number of exciting improvements to our payroll system which will mean a clearer, simpler pay process for our staff! Watch this space for more information coming soon.
In the meantime, we’ve put together some FAQs regarding pay:

What do I need to do ahead of the Summer? 

1) Ensure you have a UK Bank Account – we are unable to pay wages into an overseas account, so you will need to ensure you have a UK bank account ahead of the summer. If you don’t have a UK address, there are some borderless bank options you may be interested in using, such as Revolut or Monese. 
2) Know your UK National Insurance Number – if you haven’t already received a UK National Insurance Number, the process is an easy one. Click here for more details on how to apply. Apply for a National Insurance number: Who can apply for a National Insurance number - GOV.UK (
3) Complete your Payroll form - As part of the onboarding process (more details in the onboarding section), you’ll be asked to complete a payroll form providing us with your banking information. It’s important you return that form to us as soon as possible once received as this ensures we have plenty of time to set you up on payroll.  

Where can I find details of my pay rate?  

Your pay rate can be found in your offer letter email, along with details of any increments or bonuses that have been agreed. Once your contract is issued as part of your offer pack, you will be able to see your pay rate there too.

Will I receive a holiday allowance? 

All summer staff receive a holiday entitlement. Due to the short nature of this contract and in line with our business needs, you will be paid any accrued holiday at the end of your contract, in your final pay.
Will there be sick pay if I am unable to attend a shift?
We do not offer any sick pay however there is the option for you to make up your hours if you wish (providing there is a need at the centre). The UK government offer a statutory sick pay initiative which you can find details of here: Statutory Sick Pay (SSP): Overview - GOV.UK ( 

Even if you've worked in a summer school before, it's likely our policies and summer structure may differ slightly from other schools you have worked in. Check out the following section which covers the basics of our summer centres and how we operate.

Centre Basics - all you need to know

The Centre Team

Each centre has its own summer team, including management, that work alongside our head office team.
You’ll have plenty of support at your centre to help you succeed in your role – our senior teams often include returning members of staff with plenty of experience to pass on. 
Head Office will also be on hand throughout the summer – we’re busy preparing for a fantastic summer 2024 so you’ll most likely have spoken to some of us already!
If you haven’t worked at a summer school before, you can click below to find out what a typical centre team looks like.
*Student Welfare Officers and Student Welfare Officers (Transfers) – As it is compulsory for you to be residential for these positions, you must ask permission from your Line Manager if you wish to spend the night away from the centre (unless already agreed at interview stage).



Uniforms and our Dress-Code

Our summer dress code for all staff is smart/smart casual. As a general guide, this means:
1. Smart jeans (not ripped), Trousers or Skirts (which are not too short in length)
2. Tops with sleeves e.g. shirts or smart T-Shirts with no offensive logos 
Alongside this, we also provide a Stafford House uniform:
ALs and SWOs: Company T-Shirt(s) and a Hoodie to be worn whenever on duty or on site. 
Teachers: A company T-shirt for use on excursions, not necessary for day-to-day teaching.
ID CARDS: All staff will be given an ID Lanyard when they first arrive. You must wear your lanyard whenever on duty or on site. This is vital as it allows students, group leaders and fellow staff to easily identify you!


Rotas and Working Hours

Our full-time staff work 6 days per week, with 1 full day off. 

Which day you have off each week will depend on the needs of your centre. Typically, Activity Leaders (ALs) and Student Welfare Officers (SWOs) will have their day off during the week with Teachers off at the weekend, but this is not always the case. 

We work on a rota basis. The management team will put together the rota ahead of each week, where you’ll find details of which duties you’ve been assigned and the time off that’s been scheduled for you. 

You’ll find out more about the rota during your centre induction on your first day.

Can I choose my days off?
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to request any specific day off. Rotas will be done by management ahead of time and they will assign duties and free time according to your contracted hours and role.
If you do need a day off for any special circumstance (e.g. graduation day), please let Head Office know about this as soon as possible so we can make your centre team aware. 


Summer Duties

Your job description will provide a thorough explanation of the duties you can expect in your role.
If this is your first ever summer role, here are some duties you’ll see in your job description which you might be unfamiliar with:
1. Supervision duties – this can include free-time supervision of students as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner supervision. This often lasts around 30 mins but can take more or less time depending on group sizes.
2. Lights out duty – This is only required of residential staff and is normally around 10.30 PM to 11.30 PM when students are going to bed.
3. Night duty – this is only performed by Student Welfare Officers and Management. SWOs carry out 4-night duties per week and it mainly involves checking in around the residence to ensure students are settled down for the night. 


Centre Life FAQs

Am I allowed to come and go during my free time/day off?
On your day off you are welcome to leave your centre, however if you decide to spend the night away from the residence, we ask that you let your centre management team know. This is so we can accurately account for all staff in the event of an emergency. Please ensure you are back in time to start your shift the next day.

Will there be time for staff to socialise?
There will be some time to socialise, for example during mealtimes (providing you are not on supervision duty). If you don’t have a shift, you can always chill out in the staff room or nearby. 

Will I be working with the same students the whole summer? 
Our students enrol for anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks with us, so you won’t necessarily see the same students on an ongoing basis.

Can I use on-site facilities (e.g. parking or the canteen) if I am not residential?
Our non-residential staff are welcome to have lunch in our canteen whenever they are working a shift and dinner only if working an evening activity. 

In terms of other facilities, you can find out what is available to you at your specific centre via our centre factsheets.


Preparing for your role - What to expect

If this is your first summer role, we understand it can feel very overwhelming. We've put together the section below to help you feel as confident as possible ahead of the summer. Read through to find out what you can expect from us, what resources you’ll have access to and more!

What training will I receive?

We provide thorough training to all staff, as well as ongoing support once summer begins. Depending on your role, training may be provided at one of our training days or via an on-site induction before students arrive

To find out what training you can expect, click on the information sheet below:

Training Info Sheet

What will happen on my first day

Most staff will be asked to arrive by 10am on the first day of their contract (this may differ if you are in a management role or are coming from overseas).

On arrival, you’ll be greeted by your centre team who will run through your induction before your role gets underway. If you are residential, you’ll usually be checked into your room at the end of the induction.

If you are joining us at the start of the summer, your first day may also include helping with centre set up before students arrive. If you’re joining us mid-summer, your management team will be on hand to support you in starting your duties.

Important: On arrival, you’ll need to present any pre-employment documents which we haven’t been able to “sight” ahead of time (“sighting” means seeing your original documents, we take copies and sign them off).

All documents used in your checks must be seen before you are able to start work. Our Talent Team will contact you ahead of time and provide a full list of what to bring.

What kind of activities & excursions are there?

Our Head Office team work hard ahead of the summer to put together activities and excursions that are relevant to our programmes and that our students will love.

Excursions can include full day trips (e.g a sightseeing tour in London) as well as half day trips which are typically more local to our centres.

We also have a mix of both daytime and evening activities. In the day, this might include arts and crafts, sports, or even scavenger hunts. When it comes to evening activities, you can expect things like discos, quiz nights and more.

Will I have resources to help me with activities & excursions?

Preparing for activities/excursions will be a key part of your role if you are working on this side of our courses. If you don’t have much experience in this, please don’t worry - we provide plenty of materials to help you and your team prepare!

For excursions, you’ll have pre-written excursion lessons and student booklets/handouts for you to use. You’ll be provided with maps and our “points of interest” guides to help give you the confidence in leading any days out.

For activities, we create handbooks with ready-made step-by-step plans for a range of activities. If you are planning you own activities, you’ll have activity checklists on hand to help you organise each step. The main thing to remember when preparing for your activities is to bring enthusiasm, energy and fun!

What teaching materials are there, and will I need to prepare my own lessons, what should I bring?

For Teachers on our Classic Programme, we have a full syllabus designed by our head office academic team, specifically for use on our summer courses! We have a 4-week set syllabus which are based on worksheets designed by us (complete with detailed teachers' notes) and published resource books. These will help minimise the need for you to create your lessons from scratch, though you are expected to take some time to prepare the lesson to suit your class

At each centre, you’ll have the support of an experienced management team. Senior Teachers will be on hand to advise on lesson planning and offer support in the form of observations and appraisals throughout your contract. During your induction, you will find out more about your working schedule.

Teachers are encouraged to bring their own laptop as all our schools will have either an interactive whiteboard or a projector However, please note this is at your own risk. We cannot take any responsibility for any damage or loss, and we would urge you to take out travel insurance.

What can I do to prepare for my role?

A good place to start is to read over your job description to make sure you’re familiar with your role – you can find all job descriptions at the bottom of this page.

To find out what you can expect on a day-to-day basis in your role, you can also check out the handy example timetables we’ve put together.

Aside from the above, the best thing you can do is keep in touch with us and look out for any updates from the team. We’ll be in contact regularly with any important information about the summer, for example any workshops we may be running! Our workshops provide a great opportunity to meet your wider team ahead of the summer.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at

Are my travel costs paid?

We don't reimburse any travel costs, except some relating to the training weekends. (Please speak to your hiring manager about this). Aside from this, we cannot support your travel costs when commuting to your place of work.

When will I be paid?

You pay date is determined by when you work. This will coincide with our payroll cut-off dates. You will receive an exact date for when you will be paid, when you are issued your contract. Payments such as any outstanding holiday pay, will be within your final pay packet. As will any loyalty payments, expenses, and pre-agreed payments (i.e emergency phone cover etc) – if applicable.

How will I receive my payslips/P45?

Employees of Stafford House Study Holidays will receive their payslips via their personal email address. These will be password protected with their National Insurance number.

Employees of Stafford House International will be able to access their payslips via iTrent, the in-house employee portal. They will receive information on this post contract.

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